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Natural therapies are increasingly demanded by society day. The enormous success they have had in the last decades and the number of discoveries that have been made on the same, make increasingly recommended.

The fact that they are treatments where the goal is the awakening of one's own self-healing mechanisms of natural, to treat the whole person, and also lack of contraindications and side effects, makes them almost essential along with conventional or allopathic medicine.

The big advantage they offer natural therapies is not looking at the disease as an isolated, but as a relationship between all parts of the body. Natural therapies take into account all the organs and body systems interacting with each other and the mental and emotional aspects that influence a very important way our health.

Although natural therapies can be used for any pathology, They are especially useful in chronic diseases. When someone with a chronic disease, entire body, energy, emotions, and mind are in a state of imbalance. Natural therapies seek to balance all these aspects in a smooth manner, permanent, y natural.

The energy balance is the base of natural therapies, that they do, is to awaken the healing mechanisms of the body and psyche.

Natural therapies have in mind three aspects are crucial when treating a pathology.

The first, It is the predisposition to illness. With this we mean that our genetics which lead us to suffer a disease or other. In natural therapies we refer to “ground”.

The second, is the psycho-emotional part. The mind and emotions promote good or poor health in a decisive way. Stress, Anxiety, emotional conflicts, etc., make somatizemos, namely, to transform a psychic condition in organic, those diseases for which we are genetically predisposed.

The third, It is the kind of life we, work, place of residence, feeding, weather, contamination, snuff, alcohol, etc..

Simultaneous treatment with natural therapies of these three aspects lead to the clear improvement of disease.terapias naturales

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In are some natural therapies and more effective alternatives that currently exist: Homeopathy, Flower Therapy, The Metamorphic Technique, y la iridología.


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Homeopathy and Arthritis

Homeopatía y Artrosis

Homeopathy and osteoarthritis

Homeopathy and osteoarthritis is an article which explains how homeopathic therapy can help in this disease.

What is osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, also called osteoarthritis, is a degenerative joint disease. It is the most common cause of joint disease. In osteoarthritis, the initial injury occurs in cartilage; are affected secondarily neighboring bony structures and training capsulosinovial.

The first change that occurs is the degeneration of the superficial zone of cartilage. The process proceeds and vertical cracks appear in the middle and deep. Meanwhile sclerosis of subchondral bone and formation of bone occurs in reactive joints margins; in the bony epiphysis, near the articular surface, pseudocysts may form or geodes. If the disease worsens, articular cartilage may disappear; in this situation the contact of the bone ends occurs. In parallel to the degeneration of cartilage, an inflammatory reaction occurs in the synovium, with a slight cellular infiltration and vascular proliferation.


Osteoarthritis begins and to the 20 years old, and progressively moving; however, only a relatively small percentage of clinical cases appear attributable to osteoarthritis.

Clinical Manifestations

The main clinical manifestations of osteoarthritis are pain and deformation of the joint.

Treatment of osteoarthritis with homeopathy:

To see homeopathy helps in osteoarthritis have to distinguish two types of homeopathic remedies:

  1. Homeopathy and osteoarthritis as symptomatic remedy.
  2. Homeopathy and osteoarthritis as a remedy background.

Homeopathy and osteoarthritis; symptomatic remedies:

The main homeopathic remedy for symptoms of osteoarthritis is Rhus Toxicodendron. The key symptoms for prescribing this remedy is improving with movement, although the first movement is painful, pain and aggravation from cold and moisture.

Another remedy is Bryonia Alba. The symptoms that lead to improvement are prescribing rest and aggravated by the slightest movement.

Both remedies can be combined as there may be symptoms of both remedies.

Homeopathy and osteoarthritis; remedies background:

In homeopathy remedies background vary according to the constitution of each person, but here's a little guide of the related remedies shown to osteoarthritis.


Obese Constitutions, problems in bone mineralization, their illnesses aggravated by moisture.

Kalium Carbonicum:

Osteoarthritis especially in the lumbar region and knees. There is a great sense of weakness.


The pains are aggravated by cold dry, there is a very strong feeling of stiffness.

Calcarea Fluor:

Osteoarthritis with many bone spurs. Very lax joints.

Argentum metallicum:

Remedy to consider all types of arthritis for their affinity with the cartilage.