terapias naturales2

Homeopathy, stimulating the vital force

Homeopathy Homeopathy is a complete therapeutic system discovered in the early nineteenth century from the hands of famous German doctor Samuel Hahnemann. In this section we summarize that is homeopathy, acts as, and fundamental principles, as old as the human being. The word homeopathy comes from the Greek meaning "similar suffering", reflecting the …

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terapia floral

Therapeutic floral, an emotional and energy therapy

Flower Therapy Flower Therapy is a natural therapy that works our emotional states, bringing balance and harmony. In the flower essence therapy is used flowers (Flower plant contains all the potential state) certain trees, shrubbery, and plants. Flower Therapy was discovered near 1930 by the doctor …

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técnica Metamórfica

Metamorphic Technique, catalyst patterns of energy

Technica metamórfica The technique metamórfica, also called prenatal massage therapy or metamorphic, is a manual therapy discovered by the English reflexologist Robert St. John. It consists of a gentle massage in a particular area of ​​the foot, hands, and head. In these reflex zones is represented throughout the body as a whole: body, energy, emotions, and …

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Iridology Iridology is a valuation method of health that relies on detailed iris recognition, basado en la teoría que afirma la existencia de una correspondencia entre los diferentes estados patológicos y los detalles de la estructura del iris. Mediante el estudio de las marcas o signos del iris, he …

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