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Homeopathy, stimulating the vital force


Homeopathy is a complete therapeutic system discovered in the early nineteenth century from the hands of famous German doctor Samuel Hahnemann.

In this section we summarize that is homeopathy, acts as, and fundamental principles, as old as the human being.

The word homeopathy comes from the Greek meaning "similar suffering", reflecting the key philosophical principle that lies behind the homeopathic method: curable substance suffering itself is capable of causing.

It was like cures like (like similar care) already mentioned in the V century A.C. by Hippocrates.

Natural Awakening healing the body is the main goal of homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy uses plants and minerals to stimulate the vital force of the person and in this way make them put in place the mechanisms of self-healing natural body. This is where we find the “key” Homeopathy, are not the remedies that improve health, but the life force itself sick.

In homeopathy treatment with low doses are used (infinatesimales homeopathic jargon calls) plants and minerals used. This fact makes homeopathy treatment devoid of adverse effects.

Homeopathy is based on seven fundamental laws and principles:

1. The vital force: Homeopathy stimulates the vital force of the person.

2. The law of similarity: like cures with like, universal healing principle.

3. Using minimal doses: the dose infinatesimales make homeopathy therapy devoid of adverse effects.

4. The morbid individuality: Homeopathy treats the willingness of each person to become ill, also called “ground”.

5. The drug individuality: each person has their own homeopathic remedies according to your personal type and constitution.

6. Nature miasmas: the origin of chronic diseases according to homeopathy. Homeopathy involves three basic miasmas or morbid tendencies.

7. Pure Experimentation: based homeopathy indication of their remedies in the effect they have on the healthy human being, to this is called pathogenesis.

Homeopathy is an ideal choice for many disorders and diseases such therapy and to name a few:

Digestive diseases, Muscle and joint problems, gynecological disorders, impotence, fertility problems, allergies, headaches, insomnia…

Homeopathy has no contraindications and side effects and can be used together with conventional medicine, what makes an ideal therapy for everyone, including children, Babies, embrazadas women, and elderly.


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