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Metamorphic Technique, catalyst patterns of energy

técnica MetamórficaMetamorphic Technique

The Metamorphic Technique, also called prenatal massage therapy or metamorphic, is a manual therapy discovered by the English reflexologist Robert St. John.

It consists of a gentle massage in a particular area of ​​the foot, hands, and head. In these reflex zones is represented throughout the body as a whole: body, energy, emotions, and mind.

The purpose of the technique is to remove metamorphic negative patterns also called nodes or stress, found in our vibratory layers, namely, in that organic whole: physical ailments, fears, anxiety, anguish, etc.. are alleviated or cured in some cases.

Segun Robert St. John discovered the Metamorphic Technique, during the nine months of gestation, namely, from the union of sperm and egg to the moment of birth, we incorporate into our being our parents patterns, ancestors, and our own, namely, settle for what we could call our own "backpack", which we define as human beings the rest of our lives, both the positive and the negative.

The Metamorphic Technique is to eliminate those patterns that affect us physically and psychologically, and prevent us from evolving as human beings. Incredibly in certain areas of the body is represented throughout our microcosm, and it is through soft touch in these areas as we can free ourselves from those negative patterns or knots that are anchored into the center of our lives.

Although therapy is indicated for almost all types of ailments and problems is especially suitable for all emotional disorders, Mental retardation, degenerative diseases, and serious ailments.

To summarize, The Metamorphic Technique is a path to self-healing, a revolutionary discipline that low from the abstract to the concrete, and tries to undo the knots of stress that prevent us from evolving, impeding our development with fullness.

The metamorphic technique can be used worldwide, is soft, no contraindications and side effects, and that therefore makes, in an ideal therapy for any type of ailment, using it as primary therapy or support to other treatments.