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Therapeutic floral, an emotional and energy therapy

terapia floralTherapeutic floral

Floral therapy is a natural therapy that works our emotional states,es, bringing balance and harmony.

In the flower essence therapy is used flowers (Flower plant contains all the potential state) certain trees, shrubbery, and plants.

Flower Therapy was discovered near 1930 by the English physician Edward Bach. Dr.. Bach. renowned immunologist and bacteriologist of the time, endowed with great intuition, began to realize that the emotional state of the patient was critical for recovery. Bach began to develop a method of natural healing in which he used the flowers of wild plants and trees to equilibarar and harmonize negative emotional states that human beings always lurking: fear, loneliness, anguish, anxiety, depression, fault, etc..

Later, closer to our time Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz begin to discover new flower essences in California (USA), like the naturopath and homoeopath Ian White in Australia, making floral current therapy in a very broad therapeutic system.

The method for the preparation of floral scents used in therapy is very simple, and is performed in the nature. There are two systems for preparedness: solarization and cooking.

In the floral therapy a minimum dose of tincture obtained is used, what makes therapy devoid of side effects and adverse.

The way you have to act floral therapy to help balance and harmonize our negative emotional states we see in the text that Edward Bach wrote in 1934:

“Through its high vibration, certain flowers, wild shrubs and trees of a higher order, have the power to increase our human vibrations and let expedite our channels to messages from our higher, flood our personality with the virtues that we are needed and thus wash defects (character) causing our problems. As good music or other great things, able to inspire, Flowers are able to raise our personality and closer to our essence as human beings. In this way we offer peace and free us from our sufferings. They do not cure the disease by directly targeting, but invading our entire body with the beautiful vibrations of our higher, disease whose presence the melted like snow in the sun. There is no real cure without a change in the orientation of life, without peace in the soul and the inner sense of happiness.”

Somehow flower therapy, act awakening in us positive emotions, encoded innately, to find the psycho-emotional balance necessary.

To use floral therapy is not necessary to be ill or suffer an emotional disorder. It is an instrument of personal development that helps us to any situation where we need to find peace, serenity, balance, and joie de vivre. Flower Therapy is a wonderful natural instrument to harmonize our negative emotional states helping to undo the emotional conflicts that are at the basis of our life.

Flower essence therapy is ideal for treating depression, anxiety, Phobias, fears, anguish, mourning, etc..

Obviously, no side effects and contraindications, and can be used with any other treatment, including conventional medicine.


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